SURE Guides

SURE Guides for Preparing and Using Evidence-Based Policy Briefs

These guides are intended for those people responsible for preparing and supporting the use of policy briefs and ensuring that decisions about health systems are well-informed by research evidence. The guides focus specifically on these issues in the context of African health systems and the examples used are taken from policy briefs that address important problems in African countries.

There are eight SURE Guides. The first two provide background information about getting started and setting priorities for policy briefs. The next four guides address how to prepare a policy brief. The last two address how to use a policy brief.


  1. Getting started
  2. Setting priorities for policy briefs

    How to prepare a policy brief
  3. Clarifying the problem
  4. Deciding on and describing options to address the problem
  5. Identifying and addressing barriers to implementing the options
  6. Clarifying uncertainties, and needs for monitoring and evaluation

    How to use a policy brief
  7. Organising and running policy dialogues 8.Informing and engaging stakeholders

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If you have a slow Internet connection, click here to download the SURE Guides in several smaller files:

To download instructions for installing the SURE Guides click here

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